Prayer Requests for September 2011

October 16th, 2011

1. Please pray that God would send teams to come help us renovate the new facility for Teen Challenge. Much work needs to be done, and we wholeheartedly welcome work teams!

2. This summer we lost the court case concerning the usage of the parking lot around the church. We had much evidence that our neighbor set up an illegal paid parking lot, but their lawyer was somehow able to deceive the judge to believe that everyone parks for free. Please pray for us as we appeal to a higher court. It is essential for us to win this agreement in order to start the construction of our roof. As the battle continues, please pray and believe with us for a victory.

3. Two of the thieves who stole money in February from the orphan, Artom, showed up in church this past Sunday to threaten the same orphan to give them another $2,000. We were able to reach out to them, invite them to the youth services and even fed them lunch in church. Please pray for God’s protection over the orphans, that the criminals would turn to Christ, and that God would stop this corruption of stealing from orphans throughout the country. Thank you again for your prayers! We thank God for you.

With Christ’s love,

Ilya and Janet